Consulate General in Montreal


 As of November 1st, non-resident foreign citizens may enter the country for tourism purposes. To this end, they must:

- Present a complete vaccination scheme (with supporting documents / certificates), having applied the last dose at least 14 days before the trip and thus being exempt from quarantine upon arrival in the country, having to take the corresponding health precautions.

- Carry out a "PCR" type test, with a negative result, within 72 hours prior to shipment at the point of origin.

- Complete the Electronic DDJJ declaration  within 48 hours prior to boarding at the point of origin:

-Children: Minors who have not completed the vaccination scheme in the terms considered may enter the National Territory and will be exempted from carrying out the scheduled quarantine. Minors involved in this situation are recommended not to carry out group activities or attend group or mass events during the first SEVEN (7) days from their arrival in the country.

- Have medical insurance that covers cases related to COVID-19 during all the stay.






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