Consulate General in Montreal

Biens personnels et argent

Updated date: 11/02/2022



Foreign citizens that obtain the permanent residency and argentine citizens that return to the Argentine Republic after having residing abroad, have certain benefits regarding the import of goods (baggage, cargo, etc.). For more details please refer to the website of the AFIP-Aduana (customs).

Please bear in mind that in order to proof the residency abroad for a set period of time you need to present a Residency Certificate (Certificado de Residencia), which can be obtained at this office.

According to current regulations, entry and exit of goods/currencies with a total value less than 10,000.00 USD is allowed. In case of exceding said amount, you will need to present a special declaration in customs, through form OM 2249A (available at the end of the presen page).

All withdrawals exceeding said amount must be done through a bank transfer.

Travellers under the age of 16 have a limit of 5,000.00 USD.

For more information please visit the website of the AFIP (Federal Income Agency).