Consulate General in Montreal

Fees and payment methods

Updated date: 28/02/2023


Consular procedures are in most of the cases subject to fees. For more information regarding the total cost, pelase contact our office on +1 514 842-6582 .

We accept the following payment methods. Please remember that in all cases payment has to be done before the procedure itself and that the exact amount to be paid may vary from month to month due to changes in the exchange rate.

  1. Debit card in our offices.
  2. In cash at our local bank branch. For this option you have to request a payment slip in our office. that you have to present afterwards at the bank.
  3. Remotely through a Canada Post payment order or certified check addressed to "Consulado General de la República Argentina en Montreal" and mailed by post to our office:

2000 Peel St #600 - Montreal, Quebec H3A 2W5


No consular procedures will be initiated without a proper payment ticket or the mailing of the payment order/certified check for the exact amount of the procedure.




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Valid starting on march 1st 2023.

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