Consulate General in Montreal

Firearms and ammunition

Updated date: 11/02/2022


Hunting permit form provided by this Consulate must be signed by the applicant before a Notary and authenticated by Global Affairs Canada if the notary is not registered in this office.


Please do not leave any field blank or unanswered. In case you do not have an answer for any of the required fields write “N/A”. Please add passport size photo to this form on the upper right corner (frontal and with background).

Once you have the signed, notarized and authenticated form, please contact us through to request an appointment for its verification and processing.


for more information and/or appointments please contact:

☏   +1 514 842 6582 Ext. 225




1. Signed, notarized and autheticated request form.

2. Passport


IMPORTANT: It is the applicant’s sole and exclusive responsibility to fill out this form accurately and clearly, verifying that its content is true. Forms uncompleted or without the proper notarization/authentication will be returned without legalization by this Consulate.

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